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Designing surveys
Designing surveys
We will articulate questions that meet your goals and recognize the local culture and nuances of the language. Our rigorous pre-survey testing ensures that questions are interpreted as intended and consistently across the target population. totobet
On the ground interviews & mobile surveys
On the ground interviews & mobile surveys
We rely on experienced field researchers who are steeped in the local culture and we provide them with the training and the tools to conduct surveys with the highest level of integrity. senior4d
Analyzing data
Analyzing data
Once the survey is completed, our experts drill down and analyze the data to deliver findings in an easy-to-understand format. We search for any and all insights that you need to make well-informed decisions. totobet
Work with us from start to finish, or choose only the services you need a la carte. senior4d

From the Archives:

2018 Port-Au-Prince Area Mobile Technology Survey

Survey Safitek Research conducted a survey of 449 people aged 15 and older in the Port-au-Prince pedia4d metropolitan area between November 10 and December 2, 2018.
Percentage of smart phone owners
How often have you received support from friends

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We are a local research firm with a focus on Haiti and the Caribbean. garuda4d
We have the experience and the tools to create a robust sample for your study. garuda4d
We are flexible and will tailor our services to your specific needs. pedia4d
Reliable, efficient, and agile approach to research. garuda4d
A detail-oriented team programs your survey to your specifications. pedia4d
We're thoughtful, smart and innovative. pedia4d

About Safitek Research

Safitek Research is a provider of research and analytics services that uses advanced tools and the latest methods in data science. Our team pedia4d of internationally trained experts and seasoned local professionals has developed the pedia4d tools and methods to solve issues and get results on the ground in Haiti and the pedia4d Caribbean.

Our parent company, Safitek, is a Haitian Financial Technology pedia4d company using online and mobile platforms to offer a range of senior4d accessible, affordable, and innovative financial products to the Haitian public.