Why Choose Safitek Research

We focus our resources solely on Haiti & the Caribbean

We focus our resources solely on Haiti & the Caribbean:

  • Well-honed processes developed specifically for the region
  • World-class infrastructure and technology
  • Trained staff on location
  • The ability to deploy quickly
With so much to worry about, research and analytics in Haiti and the Caribbean can consume all of your time. It doesn’t have to. We focus on the details, so you can go about your day knowing your survey and research is in competent hands. You only need one partner: Safitek Research.
Language and Culture

We understand the language & culture

We articulate questions that meet your goals in a way that recognizes the local culture and the local nuances around the use of language. Local know-how results in effective surveys, ensures that questions are interpreted as intended and consistently across the target population. With our experts on the ground, we circumvent cultural and linguistic obstacles to obtain the results you expect.
Target Population

We know how to reach & sample your target population

Whether you are looking to survey the general population, rural women of child-bearing age, small business owners, street vendors, university students, consumers of a given product, or men within a certain income bracket, we will work diligently and efficiently to create a robust sample for your target population. When necessary, we complement our unmatched ground game with online and mobile surveys to ensure we reach your target group.
Actionable Insights

We deliver actionable insights

We do more than collect reliable, high-quality data. We help you extract value from survey results by delivering actionable, reliable and insightful information so you can make smarter decisions. We will help you see the trends, the correlations and their implications for your organization.

We're thoughtful, smart and innovative

Our team, which brings together experts with backgrounds across various disciplines including Statistics, Data Science, Actuarial Science, and Social Sciences, has developed proprietary processes to ensure robust sampling, efficient data collection, and insightful analyses. With an agile approach to research, our detail-oriented team will design and deliver your survey to your specifications.
We Are Flexible

We are flexible

We will deliver services that meet your needs and your budget. We will find a structure and a formula that works for you whether you are a local entrepreneur starting a business, a government or non-profit entity looking for policy guidance, an international research firm in need of a local partner, or a large multinational company in search of new markets. Whether big or small, your project will be afforded the same rigorous processes and attention to detail that are the foundations of our company.

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