Market Research and Analytics in Haiti & the Caribbean

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Survey Design

Survey Design

Safitek Research's survey process starts with the design phase during which the Safitek team initially meets with the survey sponsors to determine the ultimate goals of the project. Whether the project is about determining characteristics, actions, reactions, opinions of a group, or the impact on a group of particular events or policies, Safitek Research will help translate your goals into specific design elements.
Target Population

Safitek Research's team will first help you define the target population relevant to your study. We will select an appropriately robust sample for your survey from the target population. The sample characteristics will depend on the population size, its location, its homogeneity, the type of media used for the survey and the desired degree of accuracy. Our professionals will use modern techniques and tools as well as their understanding of the terrain to ensure the sample is randomly selected.

Survey Questions
Good questions always need to produce answers that are reliable and valid measures of the attributes the survey is aiming to describe. We work to articulate questions that meet your goals in a way that recognizes the local culture, the local nuances around the use of language and the educational level of the respondents. Our rigorous pre-survey testing ensures that questions are clear and unambiguous, thus avoiding the unintended introduction of bias in the survey results.
Survey Execution

Survey Execution

We rely on experienced local field researchers, steeped in the local culture, who have been trained and provided with the tools to conduct our surveys with the highest level of integrity. In addition to face-to-face interviews, Safitek Research can conduct surveys online or via telephone, or any combination thereof. We will help you understand the timing, benefit and cost associated with each approach given the survey parameters.
Best Practices for the Local Market

However the survey is executed, it is important that the identity of respondents remain confidential and that individuals not be compensated in any form for their participation. Hence, our researchers need to quickly establish a rapport with and gain the trust of survey respondents. We also refine the length and number of interview questions during the testing phase to ensure that survey durations are in line with local expectations.

Use of Mobile Technology

Our extensive use of GPS-enabled mobile technology allows us to monitor field operations and communicate with our surveyors in real time, therefore affording us the opportunity to take corrective actions in real time if ever needed. Our technology platform provides features that enhance both the speed and efficiency of our operations including:

  1. Time and location stamps for data entry to facilitate data audit
  2. Skip logic whereby questions are asked based on the answers to previous ones
  3. Convenient data entry by tapping screen, thus minimizing data entry errors
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Once the survey is completed, our team of experts drills down and analyzes the data to deliver findings in an easy-to-understand format. Our experts - with backgrounds spanning Statistics, Actuarial Science, Data Science, and Social Science - leverage the latest methods and tools in Statistics and Data Science to filter through the survey responses in search of correlations, variable interactions, and any and all insights that you need to make well informed decisions.

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