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To what beat is Port-au-Prince dancing?

The music landscape in Haiti is constantly evolving.  In the last three decades, new musical genres have emerged and have challenged the dominance of mainstream Konpa music for the hearts and wallets of the Haitian public.  A crop of new artists is pushing the boundaries of alternative genres and has reached levels of popularity once […]
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Mobile Technology – Are Haitian women closing the gender gap?

On April 25th, Haiti celebrated the 8th International Girls in ICT Day, an event supported by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that is designed to encourage young girls and women to increase their knowledge of technology in order to reap the benefits of the great digital revolution and reduce gender gap in the industry.   An […]
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Will Mobile Technology Promote Financial Inclusion in Haiti?

Financial Inclusion was a major theme at the latest edition of the Haiti International Finance Summit and FinTech conference hosted the week of April 22, 2019 in Port-au-Prince by Groupe Croissance.  Safitek’s CEO, Grégor Avril, presented at the FinTech conference some of the data on Financial Inclusion that were collected during a survey conducted on […]
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Happy Easter!
Is Port-au-Prince Catholic or Protestant?

Religion has always played an important role in Haitian life.  At no time are the multiple and interwoven layers of religion in Haiti more on display than during Easter week.  We will leave it to Social Science scholars to debate the extent to which socio-economic conditions, urbanization, natural catastrophes and ensuing relief efforts have reshaped […]
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welcome to safitek research

Welcome to our website!

We’re happy to introduce the Safitek Research website! Our site describes the menu of research services we offer including surveys and data analytics. You will find an interactive dashboard showing results for the most recent survey we performed in the Port-au-Prince area and you will be able to drill into the results by gender, age […]
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